Good Sheets = Better Sleep

There are many things to consider for good night's sleep, but don't forget a basic one - good sheets! 

So, what constitutes good sheets?

Read below to learn more and tailor your sheet selection to your specific needs.

Does Fabric Matter?

Microfiber, cotton, linen, and polyester/spandex blend - we have options! The breathability of cotton is a good option, and cotton can also absorb 25% of its weight in water, which can help with night sweats. Linen works all year round for temperature regulation - cooling in summer and warming in winter. Microfiber provides a soft and velvety feel that's wrinkle-free and stain-resistant. And the Sheex, polyester-spandex blend is ridiculously soft and moisture-wicking with 10x breathability than cotton.

Do Your Sheets Fit?

A good-fitting sheet doesn't pull off of your mattress corner or come untucked. The oversized dimensions of our sheets offer plenty of breathing room for the top sheet while providing a secure fit all around. No matter the height of your mattress or the sheet material, we have good-fitting options for you, including our Sheex sheets with athletic-grade elastic to ensure your bedding stays put. 

How do Your Sheets Feel?

Do you get cold at night or do you wake yourself up sweating? Do you like a smooth sheet or more textured? Do you want your sheets to breathe or envelop you? 

Our high quality sheets are not chemically treated, meaning how they initially feel won't fade away with each washing. And we have samples, so stop in if you can to feel the difference.

Once you have made your purchase, be sure to pay attention to the care and washing instructions to keep them feeling like they did the first time.

Are Your Sheets Durable?

Yes. With proper care, all sheets you purchase from our store will last a long time. For example, with microfiber sheets, do not wash them with cotton items or they will pill up. If you have our 600 Thread Count Cotton Blend sheets, they are long-lasting as well as comfortable due to the incredible durability of cotton. 

What Options do I have for Cooling Sheets?
Our two best options for cooling are our Sheex Performance Sheets and our Linen-Weave Cotton Sheets. They both have their own unique feel. Sheex are buttery soft with a higher breathability than pure cotton sheets. They are also moisture-wicking which facilitates fast moisture evaporation. The linen-weave can provide both cooling when you sleep hot as well as warming when you sleep cold.